How to clean a memory foam mattress


Now that you have already decided to have a good night’s rest and took the first step in the direction of it by purchasing your first foam mattress, let us inform you how you can keep it clean and make your sleep very hygienic as well. Cleansing a Memory Foam Mattress may sound tricky, but if you know the right methods of performing the same, then it is just a piece of cake. There are a handful ways how you can clean a memory foam mattress at the house without any expert help. We would like to enlighten you about a few of them.

Judicious use of water

The most traditional way of cleansing your product from Amerisleep at home is by utilizing soap and water. We would suggest that you do not wet the mattress so much that it will need a long time to dry up. If drying is time-consuming, then you might be spoiling your mattress by dampening it. Better methods of cleaning the mattress toppers are used these days.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning a Memory foam topper is what we suggest all our users. This is the most recent technique of cleaning the mattresses at the house. For this, you would need a steam cleaning. You can choose from a wide variety of steam cleaners available in the market today at a variety of prices. This would make sure that your mattress is cleaned and made dust and mite free right from its inner layers altogether. This method is less time consuming than any other conventional methods, so a lot of customers have opted for this. You must remember to vacuum the mattress before steam cleaning it so that the loose dust is eliminated, and it does not hinder the procedure of steam cleaning the mattress.

Dry Cleaning

This is another very common procedure but then again is a small risk if you do not adhere to the user guide correctly or maintain a correct procedure. A dry cleaning solvent can be used for the process. But the process of dry cleansing is more time intensive than all other processes.

Some tips:

Few things you should know and should do before you start cleaning your memory foam mattress as a whole by the processes talked about or any other procedure. These points would only help you to make your memory foam mattress long lasting. These points are:

  • Remove the stains from your memory foam mattress using appropriate solvents at the earliest to prevent it from settling.
  • Vacuum the memory foam once in a while to eliminate the loose dust regularly. This would conserve you the trouble of having difficult stains or sticky grime on your mattress.
  • Baking soda can be used overnight on the mattress to eliminate any foul odors.
  • To improve the lifestyle of your mattress, change the sides every six months.